Woke Jesus

The False Messiah Destroying Christianity

What if Christian pastors have been duped into preaching ideas that actually oppose the kingdom of God?

  • Dismantle the fallacies of progressive Christianity
  • A must read for modern-day Christians
  • Historical and biblical insights to uncover the lies of wokeism
  • Understand the times and what to do about them
The Christian Left


Endorsements for Woke Jesus

Eric Metaxas

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Host Eric Metaxas Radio

“In this bold, analytical and readable book, Miles names names and dismantles the fallacy of progressive Christianity.”

Lyndsay Keith

TV Anchor,
Former Co-Host Spicer & Co.

“Miles roots out the fallacies that the world sells as intellectual maturity, and proves that God’s justice is far superior and can be trusted.”

John L. Cooper

Co-Founder of Christian Rock Band Skillet

“If you’re looking for straightforward answers about how we arrived at this perfect storm, and how we can reverse course, I highly recommend this book.”

Kevin Sorbo

American Actor

“Woke Jesus provides us with the historical facts and biblical insight necessary to dismantle the lies of wokeism, as well as offer a solution to eradicate it, rooted in a true understanding of the truth, justice, and freedom in Christ. This is a must read for every Bible-believing American.”

Abby Johnson

Founder, And Then There Were None

“If you’ve been looking for a book to help you understand the times and what to do about it, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Woke Jesus.”

Seth Dillon

The Babylon Bee

“With surgical precision, Miles cuts out the cancer of wokeness that has metastasized with the modern church.”

Who Should Read This Book & Why?

Pastors/Church Leaders

  • Understand the theological dangers of “Woke Christianity.”
  • Learn practical ways to address Wokeism in your church.
  • Discard Wokeism for a true model of biblical justice.

Political Conservatives

  • Help return our country to our founding values.
  • Ensure a better future for our kids and grandkids.
  • Counter Wokeism in our political institutions.

Concerned Christians

  • See your faith affect the people you love and care for.
  • Make a difference in your communities and churches.
  • ​​Learn how to lovingly engage a hostile culture.