Legalism or Progressivism: Which is Deadlier to Faith?

  Since 2002, I’ve been advocating for religion-free Christianity, as well as warning of the dangers of allowing legalism to invade our faith-walk. Over the years, I’ve been accused by fundamentalists of being “soft on sin,” preaching “greasy grace,” and failing to understand the importance of the Law. I’ve been physically assaulted on two separate […]

Making Sense of Psalm 119:71

In my pursuit to reveal God’s goodness and true character to the world, I often spend more time studying passages of scripture that seem to contradict his goodness, than those that validate it.  To put it another way – I focus on studying what I call the “problem passages”, so that I can understand them […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 10

Today I’m wrapping up The Human Connection Part 3. Together we will discover that God wants to bring out into the open that which has been concealed and to touch us on a heart level. It is on that level that he desires for us to walk out lives that are fulfilled and meet the […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 9

We’ve learned why Jesus used parables and how our hearts can possess different kinds of soil according to where we are at in our faith. Today I’m going to share why we, at times, find ourselves offended by the very truth God uses in our lives. In Mark 4:16-17 pressure arose because of the Word. […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 7

Today we are going to learn how to raise the ceilings of our hearts – how to walk in God’s best for us. The man who lives by righteousness, which is by faith… In our old language, in our charismatic language we basically say, “The Holy Spirit left me for a short time. I backslid. […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 6

So far in this series we have learned the importance of staying connected to God in order to live in the fullness of Christ. We learn how to do this through his Word and by relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We also learn to glean God’s truths from the world around us. […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 5

So, we know now that behavior modification doesn’t create heart change. We have to understand that when we connect to God we realize – it’s about what He has done on our behalf – not we have done. Let me share an analogy with you. I had this kid on my shoulders in the pool […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 4

I kept yesterday’s section of The Human Connection Series Part 3 short to focus on the life giving points found in today’s portion of this sermon. The Christian mass in this country sees Christianity as a rules and regulations for moral Christian living. They’re broken because they don’t have the permission to talk about it […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 2

Yesterday I mentioned that physical truths often point to God, but they aren’t our soul teacher. Ideally Scripture and the Holy Spirit are the main guides that we have. But it doesn’t mean we can’t learn through other means as well. Scripture even tells us that we can. When connecting, sometimes as Christians or while […]