Sparks and Seeds

I had an opportunity to talk about some challenges in my life recently with a close friend of mine.  Like many of you, I wanted them to validate all of my insecurities, agree with all of my self-focused opinions, and just all-around tell me what I wanted to hear.  But they didn’t.  Instead they listened, […]

Cuba, Communism, and Codependency

Obama landed in Cuba this week and, as such, is the first US President to set foot in the country since Calvin Coolidge in 1928.  His trip included attending a baseball game with the Cuban president, as well as holding a live press conference alongside the Communist leader, taking turns sharing applause and grievances for […]

Good God: Order Your Copy TODAY!

“Not only is God not dead, but Lucas’s book shows us that he is even better than we previously thought.” Kevin Sorbo, actor, God’s Not Dead In my new book, Good God: The One We Want To Believe In But Are Afraid To Embrace, I take readers on a journey, tipping over some “sacred cows” along […]

Is Justin Bieber a Real Christian?

As someone who spends time ministering in Hollywood, I hear questions like this all the time. “Is so-and-so a real Christian?” It’s happened recently with Selena Gomez, Shia Labeouf, Chris Pratt, and now, Justin Bieber. The young pop star recently was quoted in Rolling Stones magazine stating, “I just wanna honestly live like Jesus… We […]

On Claiming Early Church Fathers (Part 1)

  Recently, I’ve witnessed a string of universalist pastors and teachers making claims that many well known early church fathers were in fact universalists themselves.  As a long time student of the philosophical writings of early Christian thought, I have been quite perplexed to witness these claims and see so many of them go unquestioned.  […]

The Great Exchange: Understanding the Story of Jesus and Barabbas

At Easter, we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ! His story is the greatest story ever told, it is the reason why we exist, and it is our everlasting hope. Leading up to this Easter season, I felt the Lord move me to start re-studying the account of Jesus’ crucifixion. […]

Defragmentation and Time Management

In the world of computers there exists a term called “defragment”. Defragment is the process of consolidating fragmented data in order to create more space on your computer or hard drive. The basic idea is to delete gaps that exist between files, which once consolidated opens up additional room. Our daily planner is a lot […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 10

Today I’m wrapping up The Human Connection Part 3. Together we will discover that God wants to bring out into the open that which has been concealed and to touch us on a heart level. It is on that level that he desires for us to walk out lives that are fulfilled and meet the […]

Human Connection: Additional Thoughts 9

We’ve learned why Jesus used parables and how our hearts can possess different kinds of soil according to where we are at in our faith. Today I’m going to share why we, at times, find ourselves offended by the very truth God uses in our lives. In Mark 4:16-17 pressure arose because of the Word. […]