OasNet is blogging?

One of the things that came out of our 2 day OasNet work session was the decision to start an OasNet blog instead of continuing our old website.  Due to the low cost, the online discussions it can create, and the ease of starting and maintaining it, we felt like for the time being a […]

New Blogging Friend! Meet Louie Weber!

Many of you will know of Louie Weber – after all he’s the founder and president of the Oasis Network for Churches.  He’s also a dear friend.  Louie is the kind of guy that can talk to anybody and seems to know something about just about everything.  Maybe it’s from too much History channel or […]


I’m heading to Wauseon next week for a couple days to meet with our OasNet pastoral team.  I’m convinced some great stuff is going to come out of our time together.  We are finalizing our budget for next year, discussing church planting, marketing, and additional ministries.  Look for a partnership packet to be released soon […]

The Future of the 8 x 10 Magazine

We at Oasis are thinking big.  As we are approaching the release of the final 8 x 10 Magazine of 2007, we are already getting excited about what next year may hold.  2008 will start up strong with articles from Jeremiah Clark of New Life Church and the Desperation Band.  Also an article from Matt Bronleewe, […]