Kenyan Security Officer: Trump is God’s Chosen

  For years, Kenya, historically one of the strongest economic centers in Africa, has battled the rise of terror groups, such as ISIS and Al-Shabab, the difficulty of securing their northern border with Somalia, as well as meeting the needs of high volumes of displaced people groups throughout the country. Having spent collectively more than […]

The Sign of the Rainbow: Grace and the Homosexual Community

[youtube=] I regularly receive questions regarding issues of what I call “practical” grace.  Lately some of the most common questions have dealt with grace and homosexuality.  Many pastors have chosen to shy away from answering similar questions, due to the immense controversy, but I personally believe that as this issue continues to gain increased attention […]

Flying Cockroaches

Who would have thought that you could learn something from a cockroach? We arrived in Mexico last night after a long day of travel. Overall the trip was smooth, other than the usual Chicago traffic and a lost bag upon arrival; nothing we can’t do without for a day or two. Our hosts were waiting […]

Calling All Church Planters!

Thinking about planting a church?  Then you NEED to check out .  The Oasis Network For Churches is looking for qualified church planters and pastors who are passionate about the Gospel of Grace and the finished work of Christ.  Currently, the Oasis Network is working with pastors and church planters in the US (Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, […]

OasNet Worship Project

Next week, the Oasis Network For Churches hits the studio to begin recording our newest worship album, Savior of All, featuring original worship music from Trace Rorie, Jaime Hilton, Nick Hill, Seth Bible, and Brian DeShong.  Currently the project is set to release on June 1st.  The CD can be purchased through OasNet for $15 […]

Drum Roll Please! Introducing the New OasNet Logo

The new OasNet Logo, seen above as “the lily upon the water” was designed by Milesdesign and is symbolic of the life that springs forth from the Living Water found in Jesus Christ.  As OasNet has been undergoing many changes over the last few months, we wanted to echo those changes with a new look.  We […]

Welcome Sarah Way and Tia Brown to the OasNet Team.

For the last several months, OasNet has been seeking an intern to join our team specifically to assist with Global Pastor Outreach (aka Adopt a Pastor Program).  God answered that prayer with not just one intern, but two.  Sarah Way and Tia Brown attended the recent Oasis Granger Christmas Coffee House at Bella Vita Coffee.  […]