Vitalized Couples

Last night at Oasis Granger, we hosted 5 couples for our 2nd meeting of Vitalized Couples – a discussion oriented teaching group focusing on giving life to marriages. Last nights topic was, “How to Affair Proof your Marriage”. As the class started I was amazed by the transparency and honest by which couples shared. A […]

Staff Envy

As a church planter, I  spent several of our first years planting very jealous, but perhaps not about what one might think.  I think most would assume that pastors would be jealous about attendance or perhaps money or buildings or something, but not me.  I was jealous of other churches’ staffs.  There I was, with […]

OasNet: 40 at $40

OasNet wants you!  We are in the process of finishing up the OasNet partnership materials, complete with the promotional video (  These packets should be out still in early 2008.  The first phase is to find 40 additional people to partner at $40 per month with the Oasis Network For Churches.  OasNet, as it’s called, […]

Catching Up: All the things that I’ve forgotten to blog about…

Alright, here is the rundown of significant and insignificant news that I normally would have blogged about, but due to all that we’ve been through lately, and for whatever other reason, I didn’t….in no particular order. 1.) Oasis Staff/MTL’s/Trustee Christmas Party – We went to Papa Vino’s, had a great dinner, a hilarious White Elephant […]

Exciting News for 2008!

I just can’t wait till 2008!  As a church, we’ve got a ton of exciting things for us and I’m believing this is going to be our “breakout” year.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our vision and direction, specifically for 2008, but also how that fits our overall plan and I feel like […]

Colorado Shootings at YWAM and New Life Church

I just read this morning that two shootings just recently took place in Colorado at both the YWAM base and New Life Church, (aka the mega church were Ted Haggard used to pastor.  Also the home to the Desperation Band).  The authorities are looking into whether these two incidents were connected.  5 people were killed […]

Great Service – Thanks Max!

Man, I love our church. We had a really enjoyable time today. It was Krissy’s first time back in church today, which I know was deeply encouraging to her and I think many others as well. Also, Max Smith, from Oasis Wauseon, did a great job teaching today…thanks Max, great message!