I’ve really been desiring to write a lot lately.  I’m about 30 plus pages into my first book, which isn’t a ton, but it’s a start and I’ve had trouble blocking out sufficient time to work on it.  I’ve also got a few articles, etc, that are really pressing on me that I just haven’t […]

Every now and then, they actually mean it…

I tend not to believe the weatherman.  I mean, most of the time they are false prophets of biblical proportions.  Not today.  Apparentely, when they said 6-9 inches of snow,…they meant it.  WOW!  It’s a winter wonderland out there.  This is why I call the Michiana area “Artica”.  Good luck finding your car today!   Oh, […]

Catching Up: All the things that I’ve forgotten to blog about…

Alright, here is the rundown of significant and insignificant news that I normally would have blogged about, but due to all that we’ve been through lately, and for whatever other reason, I didn’t….in no particular order. 1.) Oasis Staff/MTL’s/Trustee Christmas Party – We went to Papa Vino’s, had a great dinner, a hilarious White Elephant […]

Back From the Dead…

What a day…for the second time this week we’ve had doctors allude to us that Krissy was in eminent danger, this time, it caused us to drive 3 hours to the doctors in Indianapolis.  And although it was really inconvenient, I’m glad we went because it’s settled.  There was an inconclusive test that she had […]

Exciting News for 2008!

I just can’t wait till 2008!  As a church, we’ve got a ton of exciting things for us and I’m believing this is going to be our “breakout” year.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our vision and direction, specifically for 2008, but also how that fits our overall plan and I feel like […]

Snow Day Adventure

Well we got about 7-10 inches of snow last night.  Not the biggest snowfall ever, but pretty significant.  Jerry Grieser was supposed to come in to teach from out of town, but the toll road was down to only one lane traffic, which would have delayed him to the point of missing the service.  A […]

Church plants and the Travel Channel…

Being homebound with my wife after her open heart surgery has turned me into quite the tv couch potato.  We’ve been sharing our evenings with Seinfeld, Friends, FX movies, and whatever I brought home from Blockbuster (which I might point out that someone accidentally drove their car through the blockbuster store front in Granger!  Wow!  […]

Merry Christmas – We got Elfed!

This is what I call – good clean fun.  Take a look…we got Elfed.  Merry Christmas!  (I especially like Bill and Fred 🙂  http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1206091744 (One of our translators in Mexico originally sent one of these two me…very funny!)

The Golden Compass

Here’s a link to a Singapore newspaper article regarding the movie, The Golden Compass.  It’s an interview with Joseph Prince’s ministry, New Creation.  Great article, I couldn’t agree more with their perspective.  http://www.newcreation.org.sg/links/media_coverage/7557107np261107.pdf