The Night Before

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that we are doing well and looking forward to a nice relaxing night.  We just finished a simple Thanksgiving dinner at Old Country Buffet in Carmel, and now we’re safely back into the hotel.  Krissy asked that people “keep believing”…(make sure and read her early […]

Thoughts from Krissy

Dear Friends and Family, We are so grateful for the all of the encouraging words you have spoken to us over the last few months regarding my upcoming procedure. What a privilege it is to be a part of the body of Christ. We appreciate all your prayers and are eager to let you know […]

Surgery Time Changed

Well we made it safely to Indy around noon today, despite some moments of fairly heavy rainfall and a few frantic holiday drivers.  We are both doing well and are making the absolute best of our time.  We had a pre operation appointment today, that lasted from about 12-3pm.  Everything went well with that.  They […]

Krissy Update

Well, we head down to Indy on Wednesday of this coming week.  We’ll probably leave in the morning sometime so we can make it to the hospital in time for to have some blood work done and a chance to talk to the surgeon once more before Friday.  Thursday is a free day and some […]

Joy is an Amazing Thing.

It’s been amazing how happy Krissy has been lately.  Just very much alive and well….almost unphased by the fact that she has an open heart surgery scheduled in less than a week.  Most of us would probably be falling apart at the seams, but not her.  She would quickly point out that, it’s not her, […]

Thanks in advance…

We’ve been really humbled lately by the number of people that have volunteered to offer us some help in light of Krissy’s upcoming surgery.  Up until now, I really haven’t had that many concrete ways to give people.  Becky Gritton, Jaime Hilton, and Amy Heeter (all from our church) have agreed to sort of organize […]

Prayer and Surgery

I don’t know how other people would be reacting to our situation.  I’m not sure the appropriate way to respond when your wife is scheduled for open heart surgery in just over a week.  But all I know is that we have PEACE.  Life is really normal right now – aside from an occassional conversionation about […]