Old Nurses, Giant Birds, and Volkswagon’s…

I just got back here a little bit ago. Becky just left. Now it’s just Krissy and I and the new nurse, Leslie….a real petite older woman, probably in her mid 60’s…though I’m not very good at guessing these things. In fact, I probably under shot, just per chance she were to read this. So […]

Nausea, Healing, New Babies, and House Hunters…

Well first off, what’s the deal with everybody reading my blog?  I’ve been blogging for like a month or two now and I can’t pay somebody to read it, and now all of the sudden I’m writing about Krissy and I get like 200 hits a day?  🙂  At any rate,…on with the important stuff.  […]

Up and About

Here’s a quick update.  Krissy went for a pretty long walk around her wing of the hospital, got a sponge bath, ordered some jello (which was like 30 minutes ago and it’s still not here yet, it’s like they make it fresh or something), got new sheets on her bed, a new gown and robe, […]

Sleep is a very good thing…

Alright….I’m back.  I spent the night last night at the hotel, while Krissy’s mom took the late shift and stayed with her in the room.  I’m guessing she didn’t sleep at all, mostly because I didn’t.  It was really hard to leave Krissy last night.  I woke up at midnight, 5am, and then finally at […]

Heart Monitors, Applebees, and New Nurses…

Krissy was doing really well earlier tonight, so much so that Deb (her mom) and I left her to sleep for a bit and ran up to Applebees to “eat good in the neighborhood.”  It was pretty nice to get away for awhile.  Becky Gritton arrived while we were gone, but Krissy kicked her out […]

Saturday 1:45pm

Praise the Lord for family.  I barely sleep at all last night, just a few hours here and there, but thankfully I had some relief today.  Krissy’s mom and sister, and Jaime Hilton all took turns sitting with Krissy while I went back to the hotel to relax.  After a few phone calls, a hot […]

4:15 and I can’t sleep…

It’s 4:15am and I can’t sleep. Until tonight/this morning I would have classified myself as a “sound sleeper” – not so. I think I’ve woken up every hour on the hour. Krissy is doing very well. We’ve been talking periodically throughout the night. Her nurse, Mary, is incredible. Very attentive and very sweet. She leaves […]

Successful Operation

Sorry for the delay…the operation was a success and she is already off the ventilator in record timing.  I’m in the room with her, and am staying here tonight.  I’m pretty busy with everything tonight, but I’ll right more tomorrow.  Thanks and love to everyone.

In Surgery.

Krissy is in surgery as I write this…they’ve successfully put her onto the heart/lung bypass machine and have begun working on her heart valve.  We are probably due for an update very soon.  Thanks for all your prayers.  So far all is good.  We have a lot of family here with us, including Houlihan John […]