Health Update

Dear Friends, Thanks for your concern and prayers as we ran into a little trouble with my health over the weekend.  Here’s an update of what transpired: I was driving to meet some people (including Lucas and some others from church) for lunch on Sunday.  Upon driving into the parking lot, I had a very severe case […]

New Krissy Pictures

Well I got a new digital camera for Christmas (Canon Powershot SD870 IS), and so far, I love it.  Here are a few shots I took of my wife Krissy on Christmas day.

Back From the Dead…

What a day…for the second time this week we’ve had doctors allude to us that Krissy was in eminent danger, this time, it caused us to drive 3 hours to the doctors in Indianapolis.  And although it was really inconvenient, I’m glad we went because it’s settled.  There was an inconclusive test that she had […]

Freedom Friday!

Well tomorrow is the big day for Krissy.  After a visit from the nurse, she should be released from “home health care”, which means that she will now be able to leave the house freely.  In celebration of the big day, we are planning a little shopping, our Oasis Staff Christmas party, and a trip […]

Sweet Home AlaGranger

Well we’re back.  Safely home.  She is doing very well (already asleep in the recliner with Bill the cat.)  My mom is coming by tonight to cook some dinner for us, Krissy’s mom is stopping by as well, and Becky is supposed to come over later too.  Mary and Stephanie next door helped us get […]

Please Note….

Please note, it’s very important not to read my blog to post operation surgery patients.  I’ve only done this test on one person….my wife, but it proved to be a very negative experience.  It started off sort of benign, in fact, I at first started worrying that all my attempts at humor had failed miserably, […]

Girls help!

Calling all ladies. I need some help. You know that thing that you do with a towel…? You know, after you get out of the shower and you wrap it around your head; sort of turban meets beehive hairdo thing. Yeah, that’s it. Anyway, I just tried for like 10 minutes trying to do that […]

Bigfoot Saga Continues….

Deb and Dawn relieved me for a bit and I took advantage of the time by meeting some old college friends for lunch. It was nice. We ate at this greasy burger joint and talked about church, our jobs, other countries, and bigfoot. I told them about the documentary about the Thunderbirds that i had […]

Via la Krissy…

Hurray!  The doctor just came in says that he thinks she’s ready to get outta here!  They probably would of sent us out today, but since we live so far away, I think all of us thought it best for us to wait until morning.  We already met with the dismissal nurse (i’m certain that […]

I Think the Nurse is Winning…

I think I’ve met my match.  Nurse Leslie is a tough one.  I rarely come across someone that I can’t at least get to smile once or twice…but she is unmoved.  She seems descent at her job, just unattached.  Personally, I’ll take my chances behind door #2 at 7pm for the next shift.  Out of […]