Kenyan Security Officer: Trump is God’s Chosen

  For years, Kenya, historically one of the strongest economic centers in Africa, has battled the rise of terror groups, such as ISIS and Al-Shabab, the difficulty of securing their northern border with Somalia, as well as meeting the needs of high volumes of displaced people groups throughout the country. Having spent collectively more than […]

Grace is catching on in Kenya!

Below is an email that I received from a pastor in our network this week from Kenya.  I asked his permission to share this with others as I think it is a huge testimony to the power of grace (Jesus) in a person’s life.     Blessings. Lucas _________________________ Hello Pastor Lucas, I’m amazed how the […]

I’m back…

Well, for the first time since June 25th, I woke up in my own bed, without a mosquito net I may add.  It felt great.  I stayed up until midnight…which probably was a little late, but I wanted to do my best to beat the jet lag as much as possible from my return flight.  […]

Final Days in East Africa

Well, today we make the long flight home back to the US of A.  It’s time, perhaps slightly over time, but regardless it’s still been a very enjoyable trip.  Parts of it were very difficult, such as finding out my second day here that my dad had to have an emergency open heart surgery, getting […]

Safari Lucas…Kenya Trip Continues!

Today was Safari day, and a safari it was….animals galore!  Crocs, Giraffes, Monkeys, Baboons, cape water buffalo, gazelle, you name it we saw it (except for the lion and hippos….they seemed to evade us….sneaky suckers!)  Here is a brief sampling from some of the photos of the day….