How do you define Leadership?

I’ve been tossing this question around quite a bit lately.  The definition I’ve landed on (which was influenced by the book I mentioned below, The Lost Art of Leadership) is “accomplishing my dreams and helping others accomplish theirs.”  It could also be stated,  “to accomplish my goals and develop people.”  In past systems and models […]

Get Naked!

Not really, just spiritually speaking.  Recently I taught a message entitled, “Full Potential: Exposing Your Personal Glory” at the Oasis church in Wauseon, OH.  God has put a glory, which means “the full expression or nature”, inside of every single one of us.  The fact that we are frustrated with our lives at times, is testimony to […]

Grace: The Power to Change

My wife, Krissy (pictured above), is leading a women’s life group, starting this Saturday morning, at Bella Vita Coffee in Granger.  They’ll be going through a book called, Grace: The Power to Change, by Dr. James Richards.  Ladies…..what are you waiting for?  Email Krissy for details.  [email protected]

4 Laws of Proactive Behavior

The 4 Laws of Proactive Behavior (taken from The Lost Art of Leadership by Dr. James Richards) I will act before there is a problem When there is no rule, I will act in accordance with the goals and philosophies of the team I am driven by the values and goals of the team; and […]

Oasis Granger 3rd Year Anniversary Party

Sunday Morning at Oasis Granger October 7th marks our 3rd year anniversary as a church plant.  Join us for an evening of celebration, great food, music, and entertainment.  All friends and family of Oasis are invited.  More info to come.

New Patrick Lencioni Book!

The Three Signs of a Miserable Job, by Patrick Lencioni, came out earlier this summer. I’m planning on diving into it later this week. Hope to have more regarding it soon.