Lucas Miles is a writer, speaker, life coach, film producer, and senior pastor of Oasis Granger, a church community he and his wife, Krissy, planted in 2004. He is also president of the Oasis Network for Churches, which services churches in more than ten countries. In addition, Lucas is the principal and founder of Miles Media Inc., an independent production company which is committed to creating films with a purpose. His last film, Rodeo Girl, starring Kevin Sorbo is available on Netflix and his newest film, Crowning Jules, starring Kristy Swanson and Kevin Farley, is set to release in 2017.  Lucas and his writings have been featured on Faithwire, Bible Gateway, The Hugh Hewitt Show, The Blaze, CBN, 100 Huntley Street, Patheos, and many other of today’s most influential media platforms.  Lucas and Krissy have been married since 2001 and reside in Granger, Indiana with their Doberman, Kenya.


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  1. Mary Scheetz

    Wow! How exciting! I am looking forward to reading you “stuff”. I hope you and Krissy are doing well. School has started again for me, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing you in those coffee shops you love. God Bless and Have a great day!

  2. Danielle Palmer-Corya

    Hey Lucas! I wanted to “subscribe”, but wasn’t sure you meant literally because I couldn’t figure out how to sign up! Sorry for the lack of mental capacity!! Glad all is going so well for you and Krissy! In His Grip……..

  3. Andrea

    Lucas! I thought I may let you know that you are in a wheel-barrow!

    ((((in the case of not being aware)))))


  4. What a Anointed website! Praise the Lord! Let the God of Grace be magnified thru ur website. Only the Gospel will set people free. The Gospel of God’s Grace!

    ” Sin fades away in the presences of Grace ”

    Jesus loves u too much.

    Be blessed Pastor!

  5. Hello Lucas!

    I stumbled on this site while surfing and am pleasantly surprised to find both ‘Andrew Wommack’ and ‘Joseph Prince’ under your links!

    Indeed these 2 ministries pretty much ‘define’ my beliefs. I grew up in Singapore & became a Christian in 1984–indirectly through the ministries of Campus Crusade For Christ & The Navigators. In July 2005, through our teenage daughter hubby & I got to know about New Creation Church and experienced personal revivals through the revelation of Grace. Since then we’ve never looked back. I bought an ipod just to listen to Ps Prince’s sermons round the clock, and now have an audio-CD collection of >300 of his sermons.

    Since emigrating to Vancouver, Canada, in Sep 2006, hubby & I have started listening to Andrew Wommack’s teachings. In July 2007 we attended his Summer Camp in Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs. We now use both Ps Prince & Andrew Wommack’s materials.

    I’m really excited to stumble on your site and know another person who knows about both Andrew Wommack AND Joseph Prince. How are you connected to both these ministries and how did you get to know about them?

    I’m happy that over here I can catch Ps Prince on Daystar network on my computer, 6-days a week.


  6. Thanks for the post, I’ll definitely check it out. I’m always looking for new grace teachers, etc.

  7. chrissie

    Nice blog and website. You have an interesting life out there…travelling and meeting people.
    Guess it is wonderful — Doing what you love, and with the one u love. God Bless.

  8. Hannah Pierrou

    Wow…so did you recognize me with my new name? Sounds like you are already doing awesome in Africa, and I am going to be checking this daily! Cody and I posted your schedule on the fridge and can’t wait to see more photos! You should try and video at least one croc-catching while your there! 🙂 Actually, that sounds like something you would actually do…so I shouldn’t encourage this! Much love from your little sis and take two minutes for me looking over the land and baking in God’s miraculous beauty, letting him teach you something new about his power on earth. His abilities are uncomprehendable…i smell revival!

  9. mahesh

    i do not have web set iam poor my family poor my cheuch name praince ministyrs
    this my e-mail plz send this mail i will give the detels plz pray for our ministrys

  10. Gamachu

    Hi Lucas Miles! is there church planted in Ethiopia by your group? If so contact me via

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  15. Betty Jo Vagedes

    Hi Lucas, my name is Betty Jo. I am a member at Summit Church here in Indy. I understand you will be in Carmel tonight @ 6pm and I am planning to attend. Safe travels!

  16. Thanks for sharing our beloved Andrew Womack on your show today from Chiang Mai, Thailand . or -COME SEE US SOMETIME

  17. tekwrite

    I do not agree with the assessment that God does not “allow” suffering. Everything goes through God or else He would not BE God.

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