Learning To Live By Vision, Walking Away From Living By Need – Part 2


By Tom Tompkins

In part one of Learning To Live By Vision, Walking Away from Living By Need, I discussed the differences separating living by vision from living by need. Yes, there are always going to be needs to be taken care of in life such as a place to live, a vehicle to drive, cloths to wear, food to eat and so on. However, many are living by need for numerous reasons, but do not realize how limited they are in doing so. Below is a quick refresher of the difference between living by vision and living by need.

  • A vision stimulates sowing and giving.
  • A need stimulates hoarding.
  • Living by vision involves sowing (seed, time, and harvest).
  • Living according to need is rooted in instant gratification.
  • You can sow to a vision, but cannot sow to a need.
  • A vision activates faith.
  • A need activates worry.

How do you move from living by need to living by vision? It all begins with a new view of the parable of the loaves and fishes as seen in Mark chapter eight.

In this popular parable, the disciples were living by need. They saw a need they believed could not be met. Out of their view of need, the disciples saw seven loaves and a few small fish, but nothing more. However, Jesus, living by vision, saw an incredible opportunity. There are many important lessons in this parable, but I want to point out what I believe is the most important of all.

When living by need, we often stay stuck in a situation such as a dead-end job, bad relationship, or additional place of less than God’s best. Fear is often the foundational factor of such things. Many would rather stay stuck in a less than desirable situation as opposed to taking a chance by stepping out and trying something new. The key comes in noticing when the multiplication of the loaves and fishes took place. It took place as the disciples went out to distribute what was in their hands to the people. They could have taken the supposed safe approach and done nothing but sit around and talk about what they did not have. Instead they followed Jesus’ instruction and put motion to their boat, so to speak. We too can see multiplication with proper action steps, but living by need will often keep us stuck in the same place of less than desirable experiences. This is the point I want you to see. As you go, taking action and moving forward, you will begin to see positive change taking place in and around your life.

Another important key to moving from living by need to living by vision is the simple act of thankfulness. It does not matter how little or how much you begin with. God can multiply what you have as you take forward steps.

Being thankful is true spiritual warfare. What promises has God given you? Thank Him for those promises today as if they have already come to pass and you are experiencing their fruit right now. This is the highest form of faith. You may not realize it, but being thankful ahead of time changes your focus. Moving from living by need to living by vision involves a complete change of focus from the current problem to the solution for the problem.

What do you currently have that God can bless? It may be something tangible, it may be your time, or it may be a talent. Whatever “it” is, give thanks and watch God multiply what you have beyond what you ever thought possible! But, whatever you do, do not focus on what appears in the natural if it is contrary to the promises of God.

I want to close by making a radical statement that will sum up the difference between living by vision and living by need.

Living by need brings compensation. Living by vision brings multiplication.

Can you see the importance of taking action to empower the principle of multiplication? God desires to see you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers (3 John 2). Prosperity of all types only comes via multiplication, but multiplication is not rooted in living by need. In fact, living by need is the weed in the garden of vision.

If you are unsure of how or where to begin the process of walking away from living by need and beginning to live by vision, there is a simple first step: ask God what the first step in the process is. Once you have taken this step, ask Him for the next step and so on. Remember, God only gives one step at a time.

As far as asking God questions goes, consider the words of James 4:2, “You have not because you ask not.” Remove the word not from James 4:2 and meditate on what you see.

You have because you ask.

Tom Tompkins is not just a motivational speaker and leadership training specialist. Tom interacts with audiences as he speaks, speaking into the lives of those present on a corporate and individual level. Tom’s desire is to stir up those present with on releasing the successful leader within. Tom is a graduate of Charis Business School in Woodland Park, Colorado and has over twenty-five years of leadership and developmental experience in business and ministry. Learn more about Tom via lifetimevisionary.com. Learn, laugh, and discover a new level of motivation with Tom Tompkins!



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