Grace is catching on in Kenya!

Below is an email that I received from a pastor in our network this week from Kenya.  I asked his permission to share this with others as I think it is a huge testimony to the power of grace (Jesus) in a person’s life.  




Hello Pastor Lucas,

I’m amazed how the Lord has continued to minister to me concerning the message of the Grace. 
To be honest, I never understood why you people dismissed preaching about the LAW. It was my first time to hear something like that since I got saved. In fact I didn’t want to discuss about it because I had already concluded you were wrong.

But down the road, it’s getting more clear with new revelations concerning the LAW. I was reasoning a lone why Christ had to come if  at all the law was effective.
We see Jesus saying that I did not come to destroy the law, but to strengthen it. This means it was weak and it needed the LAW maker to advance it into another level.

I can see the people of that time pinning down others using the LAW, instead of helping them up. I can see the LAW helping Pharisees in fault finding Jesus himself without it helping them to know, He’s the LAW maker.

I can see the pharisees questioning Jesus over the Sabbath day without them knowing He’s the Lord of the Sabbath. I discovered the Sabbath day was only an envelop carrying the message of REST. And because they were not interested in the message of REST in the envelop, instead interested in the envelop itself, then use it to pin down others.

Now, Christ comes down to tear the envelop, throw it away and says I’m the LORD OF SABBATH (rest). Meaning we no longer need a day to offer us with REST. He confirms this in Heb: 4.3…..where he chooses another day, saying TODAY IF YOU HEAR  my voice harden not your heart to enter his REST. Meaning every day we need his REST.

Again I see the same  Jesus calling those that labor and are heavy ladenned to come to him that they may have REST in Mathew.

I see him promoting those who believe in him to be above the LAW but under the Grace.
I then see the working of the Grace when the woman got in the very act of adultery, who according to the LAW,  she was supposed to be stoned, but the GRACE saved her.

Jesus told them to throw the first stone if they had no sin.

Here, I see the LAW showing the sins of others, while the Grace revealing our own sins which can lead us to repentance. I see the LAW thirsting to kill, while the GRACE striving to save.

To this point plus many other cases in the Bible, I can see the deep revelation God gave the founder of this ministry concerning the GRACE. I can see the power of the grace.

May God bless you, because it’s through your affords to come to Africa that I got this message.

I preached this message in the church again when one member asked me concerning the Seventh Day.  It was an opportunity to explain to the church why you specialize in the message of the GRACE.

God bless you.   




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