Final Days in East Africa

Well, today we make the long flight home back to the US of A.  It’s time, perhaps slightly over time, but regardless it’s still been a very enjoyable trip.  Parts of it were very difficult, such as finding out my second day here that my dad had to have an emergency open heart surgery, getting violently sick the third day here (John was a good nurse, haha), we lost luggage, Robin and Ben our other two team members were late, our driver flipped his vehicle 3 times and ended up in the hospital, thankfully for us we weren’t in the car at the time, and thankfully for him he recovered fine and his vehicle was insured – a rare thing in Kenya, additionally, we faced 3 hour traffic jams, Robin and Ben had their car surrounded by amateur thugs demanding payment for their directional services, we’ve been pulled over 3 times by the police, none of which thankfully required any payment or much hassle, and that’s just off the top of my head…but beyond all that…we’ve really seen God at work.  During our crusades we had over 2000 people a night attend to hear our testimonies and message of life.  It’s a rough count, but we are confident that more than 200 people were added to the Kingdom as a result (hey 10% ain’t bad).  I had some tremendous experiences ministering in the pastors conference and leadership training seminars that we held.  Around 100 people attended those, including pastors from all over the country.  As a result of our sessions, we had approximately 15-20 pastors turn in applications to become partners with OasNet and between them they represent probably around 100 churches….obviously I’ll have some work to do once I get home.  They received the grace message quicker and more fervently probably more than anyone I’ve ever shared it with….it was undoubtably one of the most significant teaching experiences I’ve ever had.  Probably even more significantly though, we also made some good friends.  People like Pastor George, Josphat (who we call Martin Lawrence – see below for his picture and you’ll instantly know why, Bishop Stephen, Charles – who looks like a baby Shaq, and Peter Sidonge who traveled over 10 hours to meet with us.  There are even more, like the staff at our hotel, Soccer Steve, the Browns, our driver James, and countless others.  Overall, Kenya has been good to us…and I really believe that something substantial happened here…something changed and if we are diligent and are able to be good stewards with what God has entrusted us with, I believe that we have generations of ministry ahead of us in this beautiful country.  Thanks for checking in on me along the way…I’ll try to post some more photos and videos upon my arrival.  I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Buffet style Kenyan Meal

Pictured – Bishop Stephens, Pastor George, and “Martin”, aka Josphat


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