White Castle Run: Chicken Rings and Fish Nibblers.

That’s right, we did it.  Last night, on the way back from our Oasis Indianapolis church plant meeting, Krissy, Becky Gritton, Andrea Walters, John Eicher Jr (aka Houlihan John), and myself made a spontanteous stop at White Castle in Kokomo.  While driving by the restuarant Becky, John, and Andrea all commented that they had never eaten there before.  “What!?”, was Krissy and I’s response.  We had to stop.  They need a slider.  And sliders they got.  John thought they were okay, Andrea hated them and I think was afraid that she was going to catch a contagious disease just from being in the restuarant, and Becky was too busy laughing at everyone else to comment on what she thought.  Krissy and I, older and much wiser, refrained from ordering a slider and got chicken rings and fish nibblers, which other than the almost instanteous stomach ache that they brought on, weren’t half bad. 

At any rate, we had a wonderful meeting in Indianapolis and the group there is really taking off.  It’s exciting to see.   To read more about the Indy church plant, check out this link. 



  1. samson left a comment on September 4, 2009 at 8:23 am

    praise the lord lukas how is you and yours and the minisries blessing to find you in the face book.

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