Kenya: All is calm!

Praise the Lord!  I got a report today from Pastor George, a new pastor that I’ve been corresponding who is ministering in the slums of Nairobi.  I’ve spoke with him frequently during this conflict and much of what I’ve heard has been heartbreaking, but today – good news!  He said that things are settling down and that it is now safe to leave their homes, etc.  There could still be periods of isolated violence, but as a whole things seem to be settling down.  I also got a similar report through another source yesterday.  This is good.  The negative though, like with any disaster, man made or otherwise, there is much aftermath to deal with.  Many people have lost homes and belongings, due to fire and theft.  Not to mention as a result, many people are without their basic needs.  This conflict turned an area already in lack to a devastation.  I had read somewhere that over 70,000 people were displaced and that the damages are totaling over 1 billion dollars for the nation of Kenya.  A country that is already in huge financial deficit. 

Oasis Granger is going to be sending over some financial support to George, who is in the thick of things to help him during this time.  Please let me know if you would like to help contribute.  George is trying to borrow someone’s digital camera so that  he can send me pictures of the devastation soon. 

Additionally, OasNet has discussed the possibility of sending me to Kenya sometime soon, to check on both George and Peter Chege, our Oasis pastor there.  I’m praying about the timing, etc.  I’ll keep you updated.


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