Oprah, Church Planting, and Donations

So I’ll be man enough to admit it…on occasion, I watch Oprah.  Please note, the majority of the time it’s with my wife, but yeah I watch it.  But it doesn’t make me cry, it makes me mad.  Not mad at Oprah, but mad that I’m not doing this stuff, and instead, I’m at home watching TV about somebody else doing “the stuff”.  Let me explain what I mean.  Tonight for instance, we watched an episode about people fulfilling their dreams and callings (something I’m hugely passionate about).  There was a lady collecting pajamas for orphans and a guy collecting children’s books for 3rd world countries.  The guy had collected millions of books, and just in the one episode of Oprah the studio audience brought in 32,000 sets of kids pjs!  Crazy, in one show.  Now I think that’s awesome, but moreover I want to see the church responding in this way.  For me, it’s church planting.  I believe my calling is to help plant a grace filled church in every country in the world.  That’s like 194 countries…just to buy the plane ticket alone (for a single trip at $800 each) that’s $155,200.  That’s a ton of money.  And that’s not counting the translation of resources and bibles, the church buildings constructed, lodging, food for the poor, water, the list goes on and on.  But this needs to happen.  There are so many in the world that have never heard that God isn’t mad, and that He deeply loves them.  People everywhere (even in the US) are trapped in fear, condemnation, and guilt.  They need the Gospel to set them free.  I know how to plant a church, I know how to organize a trip to another country, and I even know how to navigate the globe (at least a good portion of it).  What I don’t know yet, is how to mobilize people like Oprah and get them to respond to a need with such overwhelming response.  I mean 1 lady alone brought in 10,000 sets of pajamas…and she didn’t buy any of them, she went around and asked for donations from businesses.  So help me out…I’m asking for input, ideas, help…how can we at Oasis communicate the need for church planting in such a way, and give people tangible ways in which to help, to cause such overwhelming help?  Seriously…leave me some thoughts on this one.  Let’s get some conversation going…!


  1. realworldmartha left a comment on December 28, 2007 at 3:05 am

    Congratulations, you know your life’s passion. That’s a great step and more than some even know. Also, I believe very strongly that we must not compare (hand of the devil) ourselves to others.
    I hope you get the connections you are searching for. The internet is great for resources. You may want to look up: http://cmaministries.com/about.asp
    I would keep on praying that God uses you the way He wants and get busy doing that with passion. God will take care of the results and numbers. There are lots of people who are doing what God wants and may not have the numbers to be in an article or a show. God’s timing and plan is not our own and we have to leave that up to Him.
    Blessings on your ministry!!

  2. Ashley McCrea left a comment on November 25, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    Hi This is pastor Ashley from Howrah West bengal India our is fully fired church to do Gods will and we have been blessed with new comers we also conducting in four areas at present we don’t have funds for building a church please do keep us in your prayers as we have all faith in our God who is all mighty.

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