Catching Up: All the things that I’ve forgotten to blog about…

Alright, here is the rundown of significant and insignificant news that I normally would have blogged about, but due to all that we’ve been through lately, and for whatever other reason, I didn’t….in no particular order.

1.) Oasis Staff/MTL’s/Trustee Christmas Party – We went to Papa Vino’s, had a great dinner, a hilarious White Elephant Gift Exchange (I got a Qur’an, and I’m not sure why Jordan had it in the first place :).  Then afterwards we all saw “I am Legend”.

2.)  “I am Legend” Movie Review – Real simple…great concept, wonderful acting, well done, but sucky ending.  I won’t ruin it, but I will say that it didn’t live up to the hype.  They did however bring in this great idea of the world being such a quiet place now that you could “hear God speaking”, but though the concept was introduced, they just left it out there and never developed it.  I did like how Will Smith’s character announced, “God didn’t do this!”  I thought of all the intrepretations of Job, etc, where God is wrongly blamed.  Also, I’m now scared of German Shephards after the film…

3.)  Wind storm last night….crazy!  I think my roof almost ripped off my house.  Snow is definitely better than hurricane winds.  You hear that God? 

4.)  Tons of new ministries to get involved with Oasis in 2008.  We’re looking for someone to assist with snow removal, newsletter updates, someone to handle emergency contacts (such as during a snow storm and we cancel a service, etc.), Children’s/Nursery workers, musicians of all kinds, website help, sound/video technical help, youth ministry,…like I said, A TON!  I could go on and on, but I’m afraid of running out of room on WordPress’ server!

5.)  My 10 year high school reunion is coming up this summer.  Just thought of that.  This is also my 10th year in ministry.  So, ’08 marks two milestones for me. 

6.)  I still don’t have a Christmas present for Krissy yet….it’s down to the wire.  (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have mine yet either, since she just got released to drive Friday, and hasn’t done so yet.  Don’t worry, I’ll make it!)

7.)  I had a really cool dream last night about the church (Oasis Granger) and we were meeting in this larger building and there were just swarms of people – which was sweet!

8.)  Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to pray for a friend’s sister, named Robin, who has “terminal cancer” for healing.  It went really well.  Great time of teaching, prayer, etc.  She just seemed to have so much joy when we left.  Robin – the first report isn’t the last report!  I won’t stop believing for you to be healed!!! 


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