Back From the Dead…

What a day…for the second time this week we’ve had doctors allude to us that Krissy was in eminent danger, this time, it caused us to drive 3 hours to the doctors in Indianapolis.  And although it was really inconvenient, I’m glad we went because it’s settled.  There was an inconclusive test that she had earlier this week in Mishawaka and her family physician panicked over it (they actually called and said “you have 30 minutes to get to the hospital or you could have an aortic anuerysm (which people don’t really survive.)”  Thankfully, we keep our cool, and God is faithful.  The first words out of both of our mouths were “the first report isn’t the last report.”  And today we found that to be true.  The doctors in Indy (who hadn’t seen this test/report yet, and had only heard about it from her family doc) were able to view her CAT scan from Mishawaka and were very quickly able to tell that “everything was fine”.  She does have some fluid in her chest cavity, called a plureal effusion, but that is very typical after the type of surgery she had, so there is no real concern at this point.  In fact, they thought she looked so good that they released her to drive again and to go back to work on January 7th with the new semester.  Praise the Lord!  Romans 3:4 rings true, “Let God be true and every man a liar.”  Thanks for all your prayers.  God is good.  He is ALWAYS faithful!


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