Sweet Home AlaGranger

Well we’re back.  Safely home.  She is doing very well (already asleep in the recliner with Bill the cat.)  My mom is coming by tonight to cook some dinner for us, Krissy’s mom is stopping by as well, and Becky is supposed to come over later too.  Mary and Stephanie next door helped us get in earlier, and we’re a big help.  Plus, Stephanie, had waiting for me a copy of Harry and Henderson’s!  I’m so watching it real soon.  Thanks again for all your prayers, and don’t worry, just because we’re home, doesn’t mean the blogging has to stop.  After all, I’m taking almost a month off of work 🙂  Look for the “TOP TEN REASONS I WON’T MISS THE HOSPITAL” here soon. 


  1. Heather Puehler left a comment on December 1, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    It is great to see that Krissy is safely home and cozy in her recliner!! She’ll hate that thing in another couple of weeks! I have had you both in my thoughts and prayers and Louie gave us your blog site address so I have kept up to date. Remember walk, breathe, rest, repeat are the most important steps to recovery! It is amazing the emotions that come back just thinking about another person going through this. I can not imagine going through this without God firmly in your life! Yeah for Krissy!!!!! Let her know that your age starts over again at 20 when you have this surgery….. or at least that’s my rule!

    God bless!
    Heather Puehler

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