Via la Krissy…

Hurray!  The doctor just came in says that he thinks she’s ready to get outta here!  They probably would of sent us out today, but since we live so far away, I think all of us thought it best for us to wait until morning.  We already met with the dismissal nurse (i’m certain that isn’t her title) and she went over a bunch of protocol, etc.  At any rate, tomorrow morning, we’re breaking out of here.  Dawn (krissy’s sister) and her mom, Deb, are on their way now, they should be here in about an hour or so.  Krissy is pretty excited about this, especially since her mom is supposed to help her wash her hair today.  Yeah, that’s way over due!

We also just met with the dietician who gave us a list of things to eat, etc.  Mostly smaller portions (for her and not me, I can still eat like crazy.), lean meats, proteins, good carbs, etc.  Otto, not sure if you’re reading this, but Krissy is jonesing for an herbal life shake.  I’m going to call you probably today to express us some 🙂

Tomorrow, I imagine that we’ll be in by noon or a little after.  Alright, I need a shower myself, I think the hospital patient smell is contagious and I think it’s spreading….ahhhhh!  Run for your lives.  The stink is coming!


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