I Think the Nurse is Winning…

I think I’ve met my match.  Nurse Leslie is a tough one.  I rarely come across someone that I can’t at least get to smile once or twice…but she is unmoved.  She seems descent at her job, just unattached.  Personally, I’ll take my chances behind door #2 at 7pm for the next shift.  Out of probably 7 nurses, we’ve had only 2 that were just okay – the others have been awesome.

Ron just arrived a bit ago (Krissy’s dad) and he is going to probably stick around until dinner time before he heads back.  It’s nice to have someone else here.  Ron does a good job of just acting normal and just being with her.  He’s a good dad.

We haven’t heard an update on her blood pressure in awhile, but she did go for a walk since and just ordered some spaghetti, which should be up soon.  Oh, Nurse Leslie is back….I’ve gotta go.


  1. Marcia left a comment on November 26, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    Lucas, Lucas, Lucas you need to get out and go for a walk, You make me laugh. I could not hardly wait to get home to see your blog and see how Krissy was doing tonight. Sounds like she is moving in the right direction, getting some food. Tell her I wish I could come and see her. I hope she is in better spirits today. Tell her I said Hi.
    Love you both

  2. Becky left a comment on November 27, 2007 at 2:14 pm

    Lucas J,
    I told you about Nurse Leslie!!! Really the only way to describe her is stern!! I say you pick her up twirl her around and give her a big hug. That’s gotta get some kind of response out of her. Later, Becky

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