What a great church!

Seriously, I had such a good time at church yesterday.  It was awesome.  I had an outpatient procedure on Friday and was still a little sore (don’t worry, I’m fine), so we had scheduled Krissy to teach.  Jordan, Cilla, Kevin, and Becky did worship and Houlihan John shared for a bit too regarding offering.  It was just awesome to sit back and enjoy the meeting a bit.  Ministry time was also incredible (of course I had to get up a bit for that, though I was pretty sore afterwards from walking around).  We had like 5 people or so come forward for prayer and encouragement.  You know, when you’re the one teaching, upfront, leading things – you’d like to think, “this is a good place.”  But it’s such a better perspective when you’re sitting in the chairs, not doing much of anything, and you can say, “this is really an awesome place!”  We’ve got some tremendous people and I truly believe that the good news of the gospel is reaching out!  Thanks everybody for letting me take a week off to enjoy things.   


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