Grace Upon Grace

Scripture says that “the law was given by Moses, but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ.”  Isn’t it awesome to know that truth is on the side of grace.  Only when the grace and unconditional love of God is preached is truth present.  Joseph Prince made the comment that the law was impersonal, it was given through another person, but grace and truth were important enough that God came in the flesh to deliver them to His people. 

An Old Testament prophet reminds the people of their sin – of what they’ve done.  They bring their guilt to remembrance.  But a New Testament minister reminds people of Jesus and what He did. 

 Grace isn’t a religious word, it isn’t a cliche, it isn’t a doctrine.  GRACE IS A PERSON!  JESUS CHRIST!  God loves you – stop striving, stop working, just rest in His love…it’ll change your life.


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